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Yenny August 23 2014 Pinup
Yenny Lopez


August 6

Shoe Size

18 (in U.S. Mens Shoe Size)


5'9" (possibly 6'4" while wearing heels.)

Body Dimensions

Bust: 34, Waist: 22, Hips: 36

Place of Living

Villa Los Kubos Beach


Student at Carizzio Modeling School, Waitress at Don Goyo's restaurant, Dozens of other odd jobs.

Aliases/Nicknames/Other Titles

"Fat Thighs", "Thong Goddess", "Foot Goddess"

Due to the Yenny Lopez Reboot that has happened on February 9, 2015... ALL of the Classic Yenny info will be rearranged to make room for the reboot info. NO classic Yenny info is to be deleted, as it must be kept for reference purposes. Info will be posted as soon as it becomes available from Dave Alvarez.

Yennyssa "Yenny" Marie Lopez is the titular character of the Yenny comic series. A 22-year-old who has dreams of becoming a successful fashion model. Though she has high hopes, she is hindered by her very large (and extremely ticklish) feet. She lives in a beachside cottage at Villa Los Kubos with her mother Yunyssa Lopez, her younger sister Yessy Lopez,  an iguana named Zacha, and a sea turtle named Bukestalifaro. Between her modeling assignments and schooling, she plays volleyball and does various odd local jobs.

Personality & AppearanceEdit

Yenny has blue hair, a very tanned and toned body, and very large feet; all which has made her iconic among readers. She is sweet, active and sometimes very naive... unaware of her sexyness to others.

One of Yenny's strongest characteristics is her "Boricua nature". No matter where she goes in the world she will wear her short shorts and listen to her Reggaeton and Salsa music. This brings about very humorous situations when she visits different places.

Design changes.

According to the "Art of Yenny" Book Yenny was very tomboyish within the 2003 and 2004 comic strips. Her hair was a darker blue, her skin color was lighter, and her arm muscles were more visible emphasizing her toughness.

Starting from 2005, Yenny has changed to her more current appearance with longer and lighter blue hair, a more intense skin tan, more delicate features and behaves more feminine.


Yenny's attire is always very revealing, displaying much of her skin.

Her standard clothes are short torn shorts with stylized pink, white and light blue Rican flags Puerto Rican flags on the back pockets, a small white-colored (and on occassion black) top that displays a moderate amount of cleavage, most of her back and all of her midrift , and lastly yellow ( sometimes black or white on occassion) thin flip flops or platform heels.

Most of the time Yenny will be barefoot either at home or anywhere near her home, and will wear flip flops when she goes to places that are further away, like the grocery store or her school.  According to Dave Alvarez in the "Art Of Yenny" book, it's pretty normal for a Latina girl who lives in daily "90 degrees and up" temperature to dress this way. .

Big FeetEdit

Yenny has extremely large feet for a girl of her height and size. Large feet typically run in Yenny's family with most members having feet as large or larger than Yenny's. According to Dave Alavrez, Yenny's shoe size is officially size 18 (U.S. Mens)

For more information, see: Yenny's Feet

The Future

On April 13, 2014, Dave had some considerations for the series showcasing Yenny's future life along with the lives of her friends. In this timeline there would be some serious character progression with Yenny, Margot, Tomate and her newborn baby Tomatito, moving from the beach and into the city to finish their studies and find jobs. Yenny manages to find a job at a local gym, while also still doing odd jobs on the side, Margot will run her Mother's fashion magazine and Tomate will be a trainer for single moms. They all live in the same apartment which will be a difficult process to accept along with the cold nature of a big city.

Currently this new timeline is on hold and is planned for a later date.
Grown Up Yenny Pin

Yenny in her future appearance along with her friends Margot, Tomato and her newborn baby Tomatito.


Yenny's entire family has famously been portrayed to have a large amount of sensitivity to touch and temperatures.

Extreme Ticklishness (Hypergargalesthesia)

A long running and very well known gag through the Yenny strip is Yenny's extreme ticklishness which humorously gets her into trouble (Mostly with Zacha, the Blanko Goth Twins or Cheecaca), ruins beneficial opportunities or any property around her. This is also emphasized by Dave Alvarez in the "Art of Yenny" Book, Yenny having such big feet always gets them into large ticklish situations.

Most of the time Yenny's ticklishness causes problems for anyone who tickles her ( whether Intentionally and unintentionally) leaving them injured from Yenny's frantic reactions. The biggest incidents typically deal with Yenny's feet and with any pedicurists that touch them... often leaving the pedicurist severely injured by a kick from Yenny.

For more information on this gag, see the Tickling page.

Birth Mark

Most of Yenny's family have ticklish birthmarks on various parts of their bodies. These marks are extremely sensitive areas representing where the individual's "most ticklish spot" is. Yenny has a birthmark on the sole of left foot right underneath her big toe. Touching this peculiar brown mark on any Yenny family member will drive them crazy with laughter. Some family members have more than one ticklish birthmark with Yenny being one of the few to have two.

Another interesting fact about the birthmarks is that they are so sensitive they can actually detect approaching tropical storms. This works by the mark becoming really cold. Apparently this is a family trait since Yunny revealed she was also able to detect tropical storms through the birthmark on her inner thigh.

For more information on these spots, see the ticklish birthmark page.


Tropical storm detection...



A secondary gag in the series is Yenny's sensitivity to cold temperatures. There have been various situations where Yenny has been exposed to cold, such as walking through the frozen food section at a grocery store, to her accidentally dropping a scoop of ice cream on her leg. All situations result in her either shivering violently or her turnng into a "Yenny-cicle" by becoming completely blue and frozen.

This sensitivity only applies to really cold elements like ice or icy things making contact with her skin or very low temperatures. Despite this, Yenny is still cabable of enjoying certain things like swimming in the ocean or drinking cold beverages. 


Yenny is known to wear very revealing attire, but it is not just because she lives on the beach, but because any clothing that she wears (such as long sleeve shirts, pants, socks, etc) will make her body temperature rise causing her to sweat profusely and have a look of heavy dehydration.

Curiously, this only happens with Yenny and no other character other than her sister Yessy has displayed these sysmptoms.

It can be speculated that Yenny's body temperature is naturally very high, and mostly radiates from her lower body, as she is able to walk through New York in the winter time (generally known to have very cold weather,) wearing nothing but a jacket, her famous short shorts and flip flops. So as long as she doesn't remove the jacket or make direct contact with anything really cold, she should stay warm.


Yenny has done many jobs. According to the "Art of Yenny" book, most of these jobs include a babysitter, pizza girl, a waitress, a brand mascot, a "molmart" employee, a cleaning girl, a bank clerk, a coffee girl, a pretzel girl, a secretary, a security guard, and a professional foot model (on two different occasions).


Yenny studies modeling at Carizzo College and does regular studies at Puerto Rico Caribe University.

According to the "Art of Yenny" Book, She got a scholarship for Carizzio but after her father, Rafa, came back she lost her scholarship privileges to how she has to study half time at Puerto Rico Caribe University.


  • Though the series has shown that Yenny's feet are too large to wear anything other than sandals and platform heels, Yenny has worn close toed footwear on rare occassion. In earlier strips (mostly 2005 strips) She has worn sneakers when doing an athletic activity such as running track or when having a discussion within a class setting.
  • Yenny possesses incredible body strength. She has been shown to hang completely straight and horizontally from a pole by gripping it with only her toes. Her kicks are capable of hurling people through walls.
  • Yenny is capable of doing various tasks with her feet and skillfully uses them like a second pair of hands. She can do small tasks like turning off alarm clocks, placing clothes in a washing machine, lifting small weights, or playing video games. She can effortlessly type on a keyboard with all of her toes and can send text messages on her phone at the same time. She is also capable of typing at extreme speeds if she uses all her fingers and toes at once. (How there is room for her hands and feet to do this on a small keyboard is unknown, but matches the hilarious absurdity of the Yenny comic strip series.)
  •  In her first visit to New York, she was asked how soft the soles of her feet were by foot fetish enthusiasts "Topo and Topa". Yenny hesitantly described them as "Silky Soft". (April 14 2007 comic strip)
  • Yenny frequently takes very good care of herself, and at various times can be seen throughout the series maintaning her hair, applying make-up and rubbing lotion or oils on her feet.
  • According to a picture made by David Alvarez, Yenny goes through dozens of bottles of nail polish just to paint her toenails...from the amount seen in the picture, it is assumed that at least one whole bottle was used for each single toenail.
  • On March 20, 2014, Yenny had shaved her entire head in support of all individuals who are fighting against cancer and to support all cancer research efforts. This was very meaningful as Yenny greatly cherishes her hair, but is willing to sacrifice it for a very good cause. 
  • On August 18, 2014, Yenny had participated in the ice bucket challenge, a currently popular, real world activity created in order to spread ALS awarness and research donation efforts. Yenny engaing in the challenge despite her extreme sensitivity with cold objects makes her participation all the more meaningful and shows that she is willing to subject herself to intense discomfort if it is for a very good and charitable cause.


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